Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thailand - The land of cold showers

I'm pretty sure I start off most blog posts like this: Sorry it's been so long since my last post!!

Let's face it. I'm just not a very good blogger.  Hopefully, that will change as I will be turning to social media frequently now for my new venture: BEING A BUSINESS OWNER!  YEAH!!!

Plans for my online accessories boutique are already in the works... Hoping to launch early 2013. Stay tuned! :-)

As of right now, I'm in Thailand with my mom.  It's my fourth trip here, but first time to visit during the fall/winter months. As Thailand is a tropical country, summers here are pretty horrible for those of us who like to feel clean.  You pretty much sweat all day and savor your sweet moments in air conditioning.  Central A/C doesn't really exist here, so most houses just have room units - this does not include the bathroom. -_-

Well - October isn't exactly autumn, but I'm definitely not drenched in sweat every time I leave a room into no a/c zone.

After too many experiences seeing the same temples, markets, and vendors - there's not much left to enjoy in Bangkok except food.  FOOD. Thailand itself is FOODIE HEAVEN.

Krapow (a type of basil) Gai (chicken) Kai Dow (fried egg)
I told myself I would NOT be coming to Thailand to stuff my face... so far, I've been good and more selective.  However, that doesn't mean that my eyes can't wonder, or that I can't steal a bite of whatever my mom and aunts get. :-D

I have a very short list of things I MUST eat while here, because you simply can't get the same dishes cooked to Thai perfection in the states.  My fave:  Kra pow kai dow.
Kai dow translates to FRIED EGG. YESS... anything Kai dow is an A++ in my book.

Here are some other delightful foods that are Thailand MUST EATS!  Next blog I am dedicating to produce. Because for some reason, produce just looks so much better when it's at an open air market or on the side of the road... :) Till then, Sawatdee ka!

Sakoo Sai Moo - Tapioca flour stuffed and cooked with pork, peanuts, and more goodies!

Kanom krok (Flour and coconut, but this is a new fancy version... its not as good as the classic, which I'll have to get before I leave!)

Hmm, I forgot what this is called. And everyone went to sleep..

Khao Soi - DELICIOUS curry with egg noodles and crunchy noodles... a specialty in Chiang Mai up north.  I ate it two days in a row.