Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sorry, it's been a while...

So, my last posts were about my new line that was traveling fashion show to fashion show in Austin.

WELL.  Since then, I've gotten a job, traveled to Miami, San Jose, (Austin is implied always), Colorado, New Orleans, and Tampa (for 10 bucks for an opportunity to stay at Sand Pearl Resort for FREE), and.... hmm.  Maybe that's it. With that said, I will quickly summarize my life since my last post.  SO, Here are the months of May to September in a super small nutshell based on what pictures I have:

May: My family finally makes it to my last fashion show in Austin for this collection!

May: BFF Kerry and I road trip to Denver to move her things for a summer internship!  Here we are at the border, leaving TX.

May: Amanda and I drive to New Orleans for Alexis's wedding blocks from the French Quarter!

June: Cousin Adam graduates from high school! YAY!

June: Hang out with LOTS of family and see cousin Anthony play in an MLS game! (He's in blue, mid air)

June: I see, and walk through, one of the COOLEST art exhibits EVER.

From the inside of the exhibit... :)

July: My grandfather turns 100 years old!!! WAHOOO!!!

July: I turn 24 years old!!! We head up the long elevator ride for a nice night in Reunion Tower at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant. 

July: I meet Mack Brown, have him sign my UT grad pic on my debit card and life is complete.

August: I head to Tampa to work from the Sand Pearl Resort as Rossen attends an Engineering  conference there.

September: I make the executive decision to put grilled pork belly in bun bao.  SUCCESS!

September: Mom and I paint fish scenes in a children's dentist office who has VERY limiting decor budget, as in no budget.
September: I head to ACL for the first time and experience the glory of it all. :)

So here I am, sitting in a hotel in Brenham, Texas, traveling for work.  Another designer, Yvette, and I have been here since Sunday night and have braved the heat, trekking antique and vintage shows full of vendors for miles and miles outside.  Tomorrow will be our last day at it as we look for a few more vintage fabrics and props.  Look for a post soon on that... If you love old stuff (or as some vendor signs said: "Dead peoples stuff"), you'll love these pics! :)


  1. Happy for an update! Not gonna lie, September's pork belly bun bao is my favorite. ;)

  2. :) I think it's mine too.. If I could have one with Mack Brown, that'd be even better. :)

  3. :) sounds like you've had an exciting last few months!! glad i was able to be apart of it.
    love you!