Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On the job!

Again, it's been a while... 

Yesterday marked six months on the job!! Wooo hoo!!!  To celebrate I brought in two dozen Bundtini's to work last Friday.  If you've never heard of Bundtini's, ...OH BOY. :)  They're delicious little cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  Maybe a little smaller than your average cupcake.  It's dense and moist, and topped with a cream cheese frosting.  They also refrigerate well as we kept the last 5 in the fridge over the weekend!  

Work is going well and I'm getting more responsibilities.  I am lending my awesome CAD and design skillllllls to Marketing and Sales.  I'm super excited as I love designing all of these little promos and fliers!!  

Today I went to the World Trade Center in Dallas for the first time.  WHOA.  There was so much stuff to look at (and potentially buy), my brain almost exploded.  I had to seriously pry myself from merchandise.  

It was sweet and homey inside, all Christmas-ed out! 

The last few days in Dallas have been colder than in NYC which makes me laugh!!  It's SO cold this year.... Maybe we'll get a white Christmas?!  Here was my car yesterday morning.. I don't even know what this stuff was!!

My pre-new year's resolution is to start blogging more.  Now that I have my very first smartphone (Iphone 4s! Yeah!), I don't have to carry my big ol camera with me all the time!  Which ultimately means I'll take more pictures wherever I go. :)   What's your new year's resolution?!



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  1. my new years resolution is to not get so stressed all the time! :)

    ps the cupcakes look DELICIOUS. <3